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The Marsh Warblers
Marsh Warblers

The Marsh Warblers choir is no longer a performing quire although research into the music still continues and we would be most interested to hear from you if you have acccess to relevant music from the period.

The quire was based near Tenterden in the Weald of Kent, England, and performed West Gallery Music - the sacred and secular music performed by amateur singers and instrumentalists during the Georgian period (ca.1720-1850). We concentrated particularly on music known to have been performed in the Southeastern counties, principally from Kent and Sussex.

We were a mixed choir, singing mostly in four parts, accompanied by stringed and wind instruments. We dressed in costume appropriate to the period and our performances included anecdotes and readings which set the music in its historical and social context.

Members of the choir researched the music, which we performed in concerts, church services, and workshops. Our repertoire was drawn from printed and manuscript music books from the southeast of England. These have survived in libraries and archives, occasionally in churches and chapels, or in the possession of private individuals, sometimes descendants of the early choir members and musicians.


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